…I just realized that I’m old enough to remember when the Verdana, Georgia and Trebuchet fonts were originally released.

Yes, kids… once upon a time, these fonts did not ship with Windows or Mac OS. They were a free download from Microsoft’s web site.

…come to think of it, I’m old enough to remember when Comic Sans was initially released with the Win95 Plus pack…

I’ve just fixed Tumblr Savior for Greasemonkey so that it works even when pages are loaded via SSL.

You can grab the updated userscript at https://github.com/codeman38/tumblr-savior-gm, but be warned that it will overwrite your preferences. (I should really code it so that it uses GM_setValue and GM_getValue for persistence, but to do that, I need to come up with a good way to actually edit the preferences in that case.)

A much quicker fix, if you’re already using the script, is just to edit the script and replace the @include and @exclude lines with:

// @include        /^https?://www\.tumblr\.com//
// @exclude        /^https?://www\.tumblr\.com/blog//
// @exclude        /^https?://www\.tumblr\.com/upload//
// @exclude        /^https?://www\.tumblr\.com/inbox//
// @exclude        /^https?://www\.tumblr\.com/inbox$/

I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that it’s been longer since the Nintendo 64 came out (2014-1996 = 18 years) than it was between the NES and N64 (1996-1985 = 11 years).


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It still amazes me how, in 2014, so many web sites and email campaigns can’t even get basic accessibility things right, like having alt text that’s reasonable or even existent.

As I mentioned earlier, I was experimenting with a bill-tracking app for Android that I had found. I decided to see if this app could export its reminders in a format that could be imported somewhere else, because hey, I’m that kind of person.

The app did store backups to SD storage, so at least there wasn’t the “everything in /data and only in /data” issue that plagues so many apps. But the backup was in some weird hexadecimal format that I couldn’t figure out at first. I tried the obvious approach of running it through a hex decoder, but that just produced gibberish; clearly the developer had thought things through at least somewhat.

I was chatting with my girlfriend about this while I was experimenting with it, and jokingly said “maybe if I read it backwards?”

…yeah, as it turns out, reading the hex digits in reverse order produced a perfectly readable SQL script.

You Know You’re A Developer When…

karalianne replied to your post:So I was playing around with setting up a bill…

I just have a set day that I set up bill payments each month and then I worry about when they’re actually due and when we’ll be able to pay. Otherwise I’d have the same problem you’re talking about here with the lack of pattern.

Hm. Now that I’ve looked again at the due dates, it looks like they’re never earlier than the 25th of the month. (Whether that continues to be the case is another question entirely, of course, but it’s at least a good starting heuristic.) Good idea, thanks!

So I was playing around with setting up a bill reminder app, but in doing so, I realized that I cannot seem to figure out any sort of predictable pattern in the due dates for my power bills. And I’m the sort of person who tries to find a pattern in everything if I can.

It can be anywhere between 27 to 35 days between due dates, so it’s not a consistent time span between bills.
They aren’t due on a consistent day of the month.
Nor are they due on a consistent day of the week. (In fact, one bill was due on a Sunday.)

The only thing even resembling a pattern that I can find is that the bills are usually due 19 days after the predicted meter reading date shown on the previous bill. (Except for the one that was, for no obvious reason, due an extra three days later— and yes, the actual meter reading date did match the prediction.) But even then, there’s still no observable pattern to the meter readings, so it’s still a matter of adjusting the date from month to month.

Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is a great song, but as someone who listened to Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever a lot during my childhood, I keep wanting to sing the wrong words to the chorus.

♪ Won’t you stay with me?
‘Cause you’re all I need
And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down
Gonna stand my ground
And I won’t back down… ♪


nigglesnush asked: Hi. Your forked Tumblr Savior script for Greasemonkey is a great script, but it seems to have stopped working on Firefox after the latest update. Any chance of getting that fixed?

Why I hate the Tumblr mobile app: I just now noticed this ask, from June 24, because I hadn’t actually bothered to browse Tumblr from my computer until now. *sigh*

Anyway… No idea when I’ll get around to fixing this, because my brain has been a mess, but I’ll post an announcement if I ever do figure it out.