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So, for everyone else who finds the rich text editor to be an exercise in What You See Is Never What You Get, here’s how to make one of those fancy username links using the HTML editor:

<a class="tumblelog">username_goes_here</a>

you are my favourite


Seriously, it surprises me that Tumblr users such as myself keep documenting things, writing browser-side patches, etc., to make Tumblr much more usable and accessible, but Tumblr staff doesn’t want to bother with actually incorporating any of these improvements.

There really ought to be a term for the hangover-ish mental state that occurs after an introvert has socialized too much.

Well, I’m exhausted. But Operation “Make Boston Pride Asexy” was a resounding success.


Boston Pride is tomorrow!  If you will be attending, you should come to New England Aces’ table at the Pride Festival and say hi!  I will give high-fives and/or more wrist-friendly gestures of camaraderie to anyone who asks!  We will also have some really rad pamphlets on asexuality and buttons that you can pin to various articles of clothing and/or objects!  Also you can talk to other really awesome folks from NEA!

Hope to see some of you at Pride!

I’ll be there as well! Seriously, come up and talk to us!

A Friendly Reminder! - Boston Pride


Hi Folks!  Tomorrow is the Boston Pride Parade, and New England Aces will be marching.  There’s also the Festival afterwards, and we will have a booth with buttons and flyers and people to chat with about asexuality there.

We’re looking for more ace spectrum folks, friends, allies, loved ones, etc. to join us in the Parade and at the Festival.  If you want to join us, but are coming in from out of town, we have places for you to stay.  If you’d have to drive in, we have places for you to park.  Email us at if you want to join us and need some housing/ parking and info on day-of logistics.

Rock on with your asexy selves!

M. (Organizer, New England Aces)

Argh, I just noticed on the Flaming Ace shirt that I had the outline layered in front for “CAUTION” but in back for “FLAMING ASEXUAL”. How did I miss that. It’s correct on the demi and gray shirts, but somehow I forgot to change the layering on the ace one…

Bah, I doubt people at Pride are even going to notice that mistake anyway. :-p

Photo Post

Eeeee. My Flaming Asexual shirt for Pride came in the mail today.


After our planning meeting for Boston Pride today, a few of us went to Ben and Jerry’s (like you do).  I had an ace flag sticking out of the back pocket of my jeans, and just after I paid and stepped out of line, one of the employees asked, “Is that an asexual flag?”

And that was how we wound up recruiting a Ben and Jerry’s employee to New England Aces.

I was there as well, and can vouch that this happened exactly as Queenie describes. It was hilariously awesome.